This morning was "legs" day at the gym and I kicked my sorry ass out of bed and got ready to go despite the protest off that "little voice" trying to convince me I NEEEED a day off!  But the fear O them there Hills keeps me motivated lol!
In the end was a good work out although I had serious Jelly Legs by the time I finished.

When I got home a nice parcel had arrived with my Ortlieb Front Roller Panniers  YAY!! 

The I got a text telling me my Cycle shirts had arrived and they are being printed!!  DOUBEL YAY!!

And to finish the evening I went to a talk by the CTC HEART OF ENGLAND about End 2 End both ways by Rob Gullen who runs the site Cycle: End to End and has done the trip both ways lol!  Im pretty much using the 13 day route that Rob did on his LE-JOG but im going the other way round just to be different lol!  Soit was nice to have a chat with him at the end of the talk and say thanks for his help :o)

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