ARRRRGGGGHHHHHH!!!!!!   Brain Overload....Malfunction...Malfunction!!!

10 weeks to go and I have SOOOO much to do and I just dont seem to be getting ANYWHERE!  And everything I HAVE done isnt GOING To PLAN!  How very dare it!
Bike ordered but still not recieved....hopefully here next weekend.  I really hope so!

Fundraising day at Ropewalk organised....double booked so now put back a week!

Bike shoes ordered on a before 1pm delivery to work (thinking Im being clever!) but guess what.....DIDNT ARRIVE! so the fitting of my clip in pedals not going to plan either!

Mileage on training rides nowhere near as high as it should be cos Im just toooo busy with other shit!

Accommodation still not booked and people offer of accomm still not confirmed cos I havent had time to map the route

Other fund raising ideas not even out of my head yet

IM DROWNING!!!!!  And panicing!!  OMG why do I think I can DO these things?!??!?!

****and breathe***   and pour a glass of wine.... and drink it.... and pour another..... and read my hill climbing book, make a list of things to do...and bloody DO THEM!!  This weekend!

Sorry for the whinge.....if indeed anyone is out there??  IS anybody out there??  Please feel free to leave a comment...even if its "shut up you whinging old cow" lol!

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