Im going to cheat and do a link to my RECENT ACTIVITIES rather than link them individually as I am getting so far behind in blogging!!
I also have a PROFILE on Endomondo where I can get LIVE tracking and stats etc.  Not sure how this will affect my battery to do a full days ride with it working but we will see.....  I wont be able to download my garmin until I get back so it would be cool if I could use this during the tour.
So.....what have I been up to??

I have finally figured out LIVE TRACKING using INSTAMAPPER  on my phone!  Again not sure if I will be able to use it continuously because of battery usage but Ill certainley be able to plot regular progress along my daily route!

I have finally found my perfect shorts lol!!  Not too short, not too long, padding not too bulky, gripper not too grippy!  They are Peal Izumi "Quest" and lucky for me they were a bargain on sale at EVANS CYCLES!  Hurrah!

I have weighed out and bagged my daily amounts of protein powder / electrolyte powder and vitamins and put in the jiffy bags ready to post to all the overnight stops to save me from carrying it all!  Ill also print out my daily route details and put it in there too.  I hope to god nobody opens it or they will think im some kind of drug addict lol!!

I went for my final "long" ride at the weekend for a last equipment trial.  My Scotland transporter and guide (lol!) Ian wanted to test out the bike rack before the big day so we took Claud to Ledbury and I cycled back to Cleeve Prior.  It wasnt a massively long ride as I had to get back for the kids as it was my last weekend with them and I wanted to spend some time with everyone.  It was however a beautiful day through beautiful countryside and it made me very excited that I will be doing this for the best part of two weeks!!  Hmmmm we will see how long that lasts lol!
I used my live tracker which worked well and I also used my GPS map when I got a bit disorientated to get back on route.  I think the combination of my list of towns to head for, my map print outs and my GPS for last resorts is going to work well and I was pretty pleased how the ride went.
Oh yeah!  I got a pair of cycling glasses now too!  After suicide bugs keep hurling themselves at my face / eyes and mouth (URGH!) I decided I need the glasses.......I got the yellow tinted ones on recommendation and have to say they are GREAT!

Not many more blogs to go before the big day now.............

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