and proceed to checkout!!
Errrr, Ive had a little splurge on things that I absoloutley ***NEEEDED*** to be able to cycle proficiently lol!
First off I bought a few books......

Bicycling Medicine: Nutrition, physiology and injury prevention

100 Greatest Cycling Climbs

Fitness Cycling

Then after speaking to quite a few people and them recommending I get "CLIPPED IN" while cycling as it is more efficient, I took the bull by the horns and ordered a par of CYCLING SHOES to go with the one sided cycling pedals Im going to first install on my mountain bike and then on my Claud Butler.  The pedals Im purchasing from the Village Cycle Centre where Im getting the bike and they are going to set me up as I havent a CLUE how to DO clip in! lol!

So of course, once all this equipment and knowledge is installed I will automatically become a proficient, efficient cycling MACHINE!  Wont I??  I bloody hope so

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