On Thursday it was 20 mins running on the treadmill and "Upper Body" work out which includes shoulder press, chest press, lateral pull down, pec dec, rear delt flys, lateral raises, triceps extensions and bicep curls!  All high reps x 2 sets in quick succession focussing on endurance rather than strength.

Friday was back on the bike and annoyingly I forgot to switch modes from running to cycling so have a part one and part two Garmin stats!  Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!  Felt a lot better for the 2 day rest from the bike and made good times there and back.....Oh how I love Claud lol!
After the run on the treadmill and no problems with the ankle I thought Id try a 5 miler today!  And it felt FANTASTIC and kept under 9 mins per mile which I was pretty pleased about considering the lay off :o)

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