Apart from the training I have been busying myself with other aspects of the challenge that are just as important for a succesful event.

On the arty farty side I have revamped the website and created a new logo and web header that hopefully will become recognisable in the months ahead and that I also want to use on my clothing / stickers for the ride itself so people can see what Im up to!

I have also created a JoGLE Poster that I will soon be asking people to display for me.  If you can display a poster please contact me and I can send you a PDF File.  Click on the picture for a larger image............

I have also put an EVENTS PAGE up which will list 'sub events' that will be going on in the run up to the cycle ride.  If you can help or have any ideas of your own please dont hesitate to contact me :o)  The first two events scheduled are the MAC-HACK and a collection day with a difference at the RopeWalk shopping Centre in Nuneaton, where I will be pedalling all day on a stationary cycle and hopefully raising some money at the same time!

I have written to Harrys school with an idea how they can get involved too so hopefully I will hear something back from them next week.

And lastly but definately not leastly..... I have update the ROUTE PAGE with a more detailed schedule of towns I will be passing throughout the ride and also started a list of accommodation for the various overnight stays ready to book my room fo the journey.

Still LOTS AND LOTS to do though! 
Hopefully my new bike will be here in another week so cue lots of BOINGING and lots more PICS! hahahah!

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