CLIP IN FAILS and Comedy falls! - Vickys Jolly JoGLE
The last two rides Ive done to work have resulted in clip in failures.....almost in the same bloody spot too!!  They have put lights up at the Fillongley cross roads and the first time was as the card were cueing up they didnt leave enough room for me to come by the side and I just couldnt get my foot unclipped in time and just slowly leaned over and tumbled onto the verge!!  The second time I thought I was clever and got onto the footpath so I didnt have to go up the side of the cueing cars............great until I got to the junction and again couldnt get unlcipped intime and fell onto the verge AGAIN!!   ARGH!
Did a slightly longer route to work last time but did have a bit of a navigation fail too as you can see form the map lol!  Feeling really good on the bike other than that though and the hills are getting easier.............I think!

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