Had a very busy weekend.....
Saturday I sorted out my communications for the big ride and got myself a MOTOROLA DEFY  which is an Android smart phone........ apparently smarter then me lol!  But Ill get the hang of it!  This will enable me to keep in touch with the outside world, update my blog / facebook / twitter, take pics and navigate myself around!  Wonder if it will make me a cup of tea to boot lol!
Saturday afternoon I went for a cycle maintenance lesson at the Village Cycle Centre where I learnt how to align my gears, tension my brakes, take off wheels and fix punctures............. lets hope I wont need any of it!

Sunday I did a big ride.  I really wanted to download the route from BIKEROUTETOASTER but I couldnt figure the damn thing out...................so if there are any techno geeks out there PLEEEASE HELP!!!
The ride went well though albeit in two halves as I wanted to watch Harry play his semi final football match!  Which they WON!!  HURRAH!
I went round North Warks first taking in a couple of hills and then afterwards I went Leicestershire to head for Beacon Hill which is a good climb.
I got to the hill and the moment I turned the corner on to it the bloody heavens opened and drownded me lol!  But I wasnt going to stop once Id started so when I finally got to the top I got changed in the Country Park toilets lol!
Felt very tired after the ride and as its only a few days over a fortnight before I go Im starting to get a bit worried about how Ill cope with the daily mileage...............

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