Another BIG Brekkie to start the day!  Not such a bright day today and I wasn’t feeling as fresh either lol!  I just wanted to get on with the Journey Home so I didn’t hang about and got going early.  Of course I was greeted pretty much straight away with a decent climb out of Bakewell and I have to say it felt like it didn’t really stop for the next few miles!  Somewhere around the Middleton / Youlgreave area I was met with another fierce hill…….maybe not so bad as some I met the day before but my legs were feeling very weary!  Again I couldn’t quite make it to the top but I almost did before my legs disintegrated lol!  By this point yesterdays enamour with the Peak district was wearing rapidly thin and I was seriously looking forwards to be shot of these hills!  But before I knew it, I was in Friden and found my access point onto the High Peak trail! YIPPPEEEEE!!  And once on it, the views were so dramatic and dark and brooding that I was back in love with the Peak District all over again lol!

I followed this trail all the way back to “Black Rocks” at Wirksworth and then headed the way I had planned to come on the way here through the lanes to Shottle, Duffiled, Little Eaton and Ultimately the Cloud Trail back to Worthington and then home! YAY!!

I lost the thread a little when I came into Little Eaton for the cycle route from Darley Abbey but was soon directed onto it and I felt quite relaxed then as I knew it was a nice easy and relatively flat ride all the way back to Leicestershire.

So after 7 hours of riding I got back home, safe and sound and covering over 200 miles over the last 3 days and climbing over 4000 feet!  I was quite proud of myself actually!

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