Goodbye Thailand! - Vickys Jolly JoGLE
Last day in Thailand today and my last session complete at the Gym.  Today I did 45mins on the lifestyle cycle which enables me to monitor pulse rate unlike the spinning bike.  I thought this would be useful as it will give me an indication of how hard I really am working lol!!  I choose the "Cascade" option which is a serious of progressive climbs.  What can I say.....hard work!  I kept my heart rate between 120 - 145 dependant on where i was on the hill lol!  I hope they have similar machines at the gym at home as it will be good to monitor progress as I go along and hopefully improve.
Im thinking about getting a heart rate monitor when i get back home so I can keep a trac when im on the real life bike :o)  Any advice / recomendations greatfully recieved........

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