Bloody bugger and other words I better not type!  My week is begining to be a bit of a nightmare!  Sunday I buggered up my gym appointment so missed out on a potential long bike ride.  Yesterday I was trying to email my poster document to people for fundraising plans and it wouldnt flippin load......  I had a rest day yesterday off training in readyness for cycling to and from work today!  Got up, got organised, walked out the a flippin downpour :o(  I havent got wet weather gear yet and as I gotta spend a day at work didnt fancy getting soaked through.  So change of plan!   I decided to print out my poster on glossy paper ready for photocopying and handing out..........would the printer take the paper??  Would it buggery!!  Even though a week or so ago it printed the Mac-Hack poster on exactly the same paper!!  Cue MORE expletives  ARRRRGGGGHHHH!  I got changed and got my gym bag ready to go straight from work, walked outside to the car and lo and behold the bloody rain had STOPPED!  But now to late to cycle to work.  GODDAM!

Went to the gym after work and had a good work out!  30 mins on the treadmill and 20 mins on the bike and thn round th eequipment.  Had a flippin GOOD RUN but the ankle is still not good.  Im really gutted, I really really miss running :o(

On the good side, I got stats lol!!

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