Finally went for my Gym induction yesterday and it was FAB!!  Massive choice of cardio machines, Resistance machines, free weights and if that aint enough Fitness classes and a swimming pool!
After being shown around the gym and had all the equipment demonstrated I got stuck into my first Gym Session.  I did 15 mins on a piece of equipment that is like running on air! You can eitherr step, run or stride but the good thing is that it puts no stress on the joints.....FAB!  Then I did a circuit of the machine doing a range of upper and lower body exercises.

So this morning I got up early all fired up for an early morning session, and as they have changing facilities, I decided to go straight to worrk from the gym.  So I got up, got ready, packed my gym bag including toiletries, work clothes, make up, hair straightener, shoes, underwear, remembered tp put the recycing out and even the shopping bags for after work!  So I was feeling pretty darn smug with myself until I stepped out the shower and..........................NO TOWEL!!!!  ARRRRRGGGGHHHHHH!!!!  So I had to dry myself off with a combination of my gym shirt and tissue hahahah!
I was suprised how busy the gym was this morning, im wondering if its January Resolutions in progress or if in fact it is always busy!  Anyway it was nice not to be a billy no mates so hopefully its not just a January thing!

I did 5K on the treadmill in 30mins flat and I was a bit miffed I didnt get under it grrrrrrr! Still its another little goal to aim for :o)  Cant remember how many calories I burned but I do know my avergae hert rate was 160, maximum being 170.

Now I have so many exercise options I think I need to formalise some kind of training plan so I dont faff about aimlessly.  Of course cycling has GOT to be the mainstay but I do think it will be beneficial to mix it up a bit?  Thoughts?

So tomorrow I will do a cycle ride even though I really dont wanna get on my lumbering mountain bike after flying on the Claude Butler! lol!  Hurry up NEW BIKE!

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