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Ive been struggling to get a decent exercise bike for tomorrows rope walk event so decided to just GO FOR IT, and buy a Turbo Trainer!  That means I can ride CLAUD ALL DAY LONG!!  WOOOHOOO!!
It was all a bit of a rush job and I have to thank profusely Jim, the Ebay shop owner who was soooo helpful and even sent the turbo next day guaranteed post for no extra cost when I told him what it was for.  How fantastic is THAT??  What a lovely man.....so go and buy something from him lol!!  His shop is K R BIKE COMPANY - go check it out :o)

4/8/2011 17:10:13

Is it cheaper buy from KR Bike Company? Try recumbent exercise bike as well if you want to bike at home. :p


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