And its blimmin FANTASTIC!!!
Oh god just had the most fantastic day today!!  Went and picked up my new bike and got all my kit organised such as my lights, bottle cages, bottles, bike lock, mini pump.....just lots of "stuff" lol!
Then I did a short ride to Sporting In Touch on Attleborough Fields Industrial estate to meet my Sponsors (hehehehe!!) and discuss how the shirts should be printed up!  Then I went on a nice long bike ride which inculded the dread TILCON Hill and was just shy of 30 miles in just less than 2 hrs!  So im bloody stoked!!  Simon from the Village Cycle Centre adjusted my cleats for me and I rode the full ride in them today and they felt perfect :o)  Im good at clipping out....but horrendous at clipping in!! Need to practise more lol!
Got my Panniers bought so cannot wait for them to arrive so I can get this bloody rucksack off my back......
Lots achieved today..........
Got my new bike
Did a decent mileage for saying I didnt start till after lunch
Got most of my bike Kit
Organised my Cycling Shirts
Organised the stickers to go onto the Panniers
Sporting In Touch will also logo my waterproof Jacket as a donation :o)
Contacted Local papers / Radio about publicity for the ride

So feeling Pretty BOING BOING BOING!!

My chief Advisor at the Village Cycle store! Geoff and Simon (pictured) have been fab :o)

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