After getting in a flap about everything that needed doing I have had a productive weekend and achieved........
Completed the form for the Rope Walk Centre Fundraiser
Did the Risk Assesment for the above
Mapped out my Route taking into account new stop overs by generous friends :o)
Made list of B&B's to contact for remaining stop overs
Re-hashed the mileage page and updated on website
Re-hashed the detailed route schedule and uploaded on website
Printed out route to go on the A BOARD for the Rope Walk event
Did PDF off route map and uploaded on website
Created and Printed promotional cards for the Rope Walk Event
Created labels to go on back of collection boxes
Got my one sided clip in pedals fitted...waiting for the shoes now!
Enquired about T-Shirt Printing...waiting for response
Blogged! lol!

Things TO DO!
Chase up collection tin with chain for the "local" lol
Chase up Macmillan Posters for the A BOARD
Make some Info Sheets for the A BOARD
Find a Laminator lol!
Get in touch with Local Paper
Get in touch with Cycle clubs along the route for fundraising idea
Chase up Bike Delivery Progress
Chase up T Shirt quote
Letter to Williams School for same idea as Harrys School
Chase Harrys School - half term next week so got some time!

Feel a bit more under control.....but how come my TO DO list gets longer even though Im TO DO-ING!!  GRRRRRR!

**fingers crossed for Bike this weekend coming**
21/2/2011 04:44:53 am

Hi - when are you doing your JoGLE? I'm doing LEJoG in September. Seems a long way off but I'm sure it will pass quickly.

21/2/2011 05:20:30 am

Hey James! My ride is scheduled to start on 23rd April.....not long now!
September will come quicker than you think and believe me there is a lot to do if you are fundraising aswell? If you have a blog/website post the link here, Im always interested in how other people are getting on too :o)
Hope you like my site....anything else you think would be useful to include on here? Feedback is always good :o)

21/2/2011 06:53:42 am

Vicky, I'll be following your blog with interest. How much training have you been doing?


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