Had a nice steady 35 mile ride around the lovely country side in the lovely sunshine on Sunday after the 7 hours on the bike yesterday!  I turned my heart monitor off and had nowhere to go and nowhere  to be so it was just a really relaxing ride out without any kind of "mission" which makes a change for me lol!
The only thing I had "set" in my mind was to ride up BOOT HILL in Baddesley Ensor.  After making the descent the other week it hasnt left my mind and I really wanted to tackle the Ascent!  Well I dont think it was the steepest gradient I have ever done but I do think it was one of the longest climbs and it was good that I made it to the top!
The dismal part of the ride is I fell off TWICE again down to not getting clipped out in time :o(  This is starting to become a real problem for me now and is taking the enjoyment out of riding as I am starting to get very anxious about it especially in high traffic areas and traffic lights / Junctions - which of course are all the WRONG places to have a wobble........mentally or literally lol!
The thing is when I'm riding around the lanes I just love the feeling of being clipped in.  I love the connection I have with the bike and each stroke feels really solid.  But I'm just having balance problems on Claud......some of it is the cross bar as there is not much room between it and my crotch!  Its just a different type of bike than my MTB I suppose but as soon as I have to slow down and go along side things or tight corners I feel really out of balance.  Now Im not sure if this is because Im clipped in and I panic or what, but it isnt helping.  I might try some toe clips as a compromise and see how that feels.  But I do hate the fact I cant master this  :o(
Any tips welcome!
Tom Patterson
15/3/2011 06:16:27 am

Hi Vicky,

I had the same problem so I reduced the tension of the cleats so that it becomes easier to unclip. This may help until you get more confident again.



16/3/2011 05:28:34 am

Hey Tom, thanks for your comment :o) The daft thing is, is Im on the least tension cleat!! The problem is more my dithering about WHEN to clip out than the clipping out lol! I think I need to ride through town s more where I have to get in and out more frequent!


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