NUNEATON!! What a GENEROUS TOWN!!! - Vickys Jolly JoGLE
Well, you will never believe it......but we managed to raise £480.18 yesterday at the Ropewalk Centre, Nuneaton.  I am (almost!) speechless!  THANKYOU THANKYOU to everyone who showed their support during the was terrific!

I was a bit nervous Saturday morning, not helped by not being sure where to report to in the morning and I was awake from about 4am and didnt really settle much after!  Gaz and Becky very kindly picked my "stuff" up in the morning and I rode Claud to the centre - managed to attract a cleaners attention who directed us to the rear of the centre to get access.  So then I was alone.....setting my stuff up and feeling a bit anxious that everything would go to plan.  I set up  the board and the bike and began cycling just as people started to come in......and right from the start people began to chuck money into the bucket!  Lots of people came and had a chat with me too so it was just a really good day!   
Then the Cavalry turned up in the guise of Nicola and Gemma....closely followed by Duncan!  YAY!!  Later on Ian came along and got me a freebie smoothie (YUM YUM!!) and then my Mum turned up with Harry for the last hour, which was great cos that last hour was HARD WORK!

Annoyingly the sensor on my bike didnt work properly and despite me, Duncan and Alistair all having a fiddle none of us could get it to read correctly.  I dont think Id tied it on tight enough as the signal was intermittent and as Alistair had pulled his zip ties tight with pliers....I did it by hand....DOH!  Oh well, will get it fixed!  So we had to go on hours ridden rather than the  garmin distance otherwise Id still be at it now lol!  When the garmin WAS working I was doing an average of 15mph, so 7 hours on the bike got us the "100" :o)  But boy did my butt no about it when I got home lol!

We were well supported by the media and I was "LIVE" on Oak FM.....twice!!  and we had photographers from the Tribune and Nuneaton News come and take some keep an eye out for us!

So £480.00 is a BIG BIG chunk of my target achieved :o)

A BIG thanks to all my helpers....Gaz, Becky, Nicola, Gemma, Duncan and Ian :o) 

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