Well tomorrow I travel to John O Groats with Ian and his Daughter and Im just about as ready as Im going to be lol!!  The packages have been filled and dispatched full of my protein power / electrolytes / vitamins and route maps.  It does look suspiciously like a drug haul though so Im hoping I dont get arrested hahahaa!!  Annoyingly I cant seem to edit the web / blog off my phone BOOOOOOOOO!!  But I can get on facebook so Please "LIKE" my FACEBOOK PAGE if you want updates!
How do I feel??  Well Im worried about the hills.............Im nervous about my navigation abilities.............and Im blimmin EXCITED about the whole adventure!!  

So.....................I guess Im going to see what else I DONT NEED out of my panniers lol!  Clothes?  DO I need clothes??  Yes, You're right, I probably do! haha!

23/4/2011 01:28:23 am

It really hot down here ! how's the weather with you ? x


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