Oooooo I love it when a plan comes together! - Vickys Jolly JoGLE
Well Ive been very busy organising things and for ages its felt like nothings really happening but all of a sudden I have decided on:
A claude Butler Regent touring bike non the less!  I had a go on one today and have ordered it from THE VILLAGE CYCLE CENTRE and I am just SOOOOOOOO Excited!!

I have had my dates approved from work, and due to the extra bank holiday this year I have bought the dates forward to 22nd April to 4th May. 
A 13 day ride shamelessly stolen from Rob who is an End2End Guru and has created the Cycle End to End website (see my links) which has a mountain of info on there!

So its starting to come together, and feel very real! and now its in April I have to admit of yo-yoing being pure excitement and absoloutley crapping myself lol!  Still a lot to get organised though......

SatNav / Phone thingymejig!
Bike equipment...Panniers / Lights / tyres / other necessary (?!?!) "stuff" lol!
RIder equipment.... Gel shorts apparantly lol! Will this  make me look like Ive shat myself???  Will my bum look big?  Oh the serious things to ponder  hahahaha!
Publicity - Making people aware of the Challenge - YOU can help here!!  Please pass the link on to your friends :o)
Fundraising - last and definately NOT least!  Gotta get that money rolling in ;o)
A million other things that I havent even thought of yet!
Oh yeah! Like bloody getting there and back!!!  How could I forget that!! GAWD!

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