Pedal Pusher...... - Vickys Jolly JoGLE
Just a little training update as I havent posted for a few days!  No rest for the wicked, and by GOD I musta been BAAAD! lol! 
On Thursday morning I WAS going to cycle to work....but the tyre had gone soft again and I didnt wanna chance it being OK after pumping it back up so I quickly got organised and went to the Gym!  I did 30mins on the stepper and then a circuit round the equipment....
Then Thurs evening I did 40 mins on the stationary bike really working on getting my legs used to moving a a quicker cadence and keeping my heart rate up.  I think the problem Im having with the bike is that im just not "bike fit" and Ive got to get my muscles  used to the new action.  I was pleased though as Im getting the same kind of calorie burn as the running now....although its killing me lol!
Friday Morning I got up early to create an Entry Form for Mac-Hack as a few people had asked for one, I just managed to get to the gym in time to do 1/2 on the bike :o)  Hectic morning!

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