Planning Update - Vickys Jolly JoGLE
I have now booked all the accomodation for the 13 day JoGLE and feeling much better now its done!  It was a worry being over the Easter Holidays and im seeing increasing number of people doing the ride from one direction or another on similar dates.  I only had one B&B on my list that was fully booked and they kindly gave me a number for another which was able to offer me a room for me and safe storage for Claud!

I have to say they all sounded lovely and were very enthusiastic about my ride so after feeling a bit worried about the physical aspect due to my tiredness this week this has given me a much needed lift and boost of excitement :o)!!  Its going to be such an adventure!!
4/3/2011 22:47:01

Hi Vicky. I know what you mean about the accommodation its a bit of a concern for me too. Has any of your accommodation agreed to help you cost wise or have they kept their normal price in place?

4/3/2011 23:33:32

Hi Ian :o)
A couple knocked a fiver off for me and one said that she would do my washing! Pretty much £30 - £35 a room I found and luckily I have 4 nights at friends houses along the way so that saves a tidy sum too! Thank god for friends!
Hows things going your end?


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