Home to work went well yesterday and knocked a minute of my time and felt pretty good up the hills being able to stand in my pedals for much longer now.  Work to home was a different story and I just felt like I was running on empty....which I wasnt cos I had a banana an hour before home time!  My legs just didnt have anything in them and when I finished they were like jelly!  Got a bit of a cold so dont know if its the increased intensity of training, the cold or a combination of both!  So today I am having a day off as I cant see the merit in training when I feel wiped out.  Especially as Im doing the LEGS session tomorrow at the gym!  I do have to admit that feeling like this gives me panic attacks!  Cos if I cant do 10miles comfortable how the hell am I gonna do 60....or 70???  Im worried I havent given myself enough time to prepare........
Got my first book delivered so will be having a reading frenzy this week end :o)
Plus I get my cycle shoes today and pedals tomorrow......how exciting!! BOING BOING!!!

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