Well I did the 3 day tour from Nuneaton to Bakewell, around the Peaks and then back again....and survived.....just!  

I have been musing on my original plans about the trip with an equal amount of embarrassment and hilarity...at my naivety lol! Although possibly the naivety wasnt a bad thing as I hadnt a CLUE what I was in for!!

The hills scared the crap out of me.....uphill and down!! And my heart was either beating out of my chest or in my mouth depending on which way I was going! I did meander off my route from time to time and ended up buying an OS map as my " marker list" and google map print out proved totally inadequate! A REALLY valuable trip and something I would advise to any newbie end to ender as It gives you a better appreciation of what you need.....and what you dont! 

I have to say having now done this, the BIG ride is a much bigger challenge than Id realised  But im not put off! But I do realise Ive got to be a lot more organised than what I am...even though I thought I was lol!

So on reflection.....

The Good......
Although I didnt exactly do the marked route I did reach all my markers and did find my final destinations without too much of a problem!
I managed most of the hills!
I have got 70+ miles in my legs...and again the next day!
The Peak District is breath takingly gorgeous
I had an excellent adventure!  

The Bad......
3 hills beat me! and then some lol! So I had to walk a bit...and guess what! It wasnt the end of the world  
I didnt exactly stick to my route and got a bit lost in Brampton where I wasnt supposed to be!
I ended up riding a couple of A roads for a short time due to meandering off course!

The Ugly......
My shorts!! Kept riding up and leaving a gap between my shorts and my leg warmers...not life threatening but bloody annoying!
Saddle rash.........how do you stop that??  

Oh....and for Winnats Pass?? OMG!! What nonsense was I talking about riding up it!  Well actually I did ride up it......IN A CAMPER VAN!!! hahahahaha! And that nearly didnt make it lol!

But all in all, all my major objectives were achieved.........I found my way, I rode the miles, I carried my stuff, I did the hills without toooo much of a problem. And I thoroughly enjoyed it although I have to say my enthusiasm for the peaks were wearing thin on Sunday morning with tired legs and hill after blimmin hill right from word go! But then I found the High Peak trail and before you knew it....I was in love with the place again! Us women, we're so damn fickle lol! 

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