Riding riding and more riding...... - Vickys Jolly JoGLE
Rode to and from work again today and tried the original way that I went on Saturday.  Its just less than half a mile shorter but its slightly less hilly and although I did it in quicker time I think im better off doing the slightly longer and hillier route for training purposes so Ill have to give myself a bit more time!  I rode back a longer route again but a different way tonight and although it was a bit longer it wasnt anywhere near as hilly.  But, from a safety point of view the light was better!!  This weekend I am going to get some better lights for my bike so I can do the country lanes with more confidence.
You will see from my stats I have a new addition!!  A heart rate monitor!  Now whether my Garmin had a glitch or whether its down to more accuracy with the heart rate monitor the calories burnt on the way home was way less than comparable rides of the last week or so, so I will have to monitor this as I do more rides with the gizmo!
Tomorrow I wont be riding to work as I have to get Harry after school so its back to the gym in the morning!
And now to bore you all to death.......STATS!

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