Well today I was going to set off on my bike and deliver some Mac-Hack posters to High Cross Equestrian and Sharnfood Tack shop but when I went to get on my bike I had yet ANOTHER puncture ARGH!!!!  Still, looking at it as a learning experience (rolls eyes) I duly set about my first unsupervised Puncture repair ;o)  Made much easier by Jims romantic present of...........self sticking puncture pads lmao!  Well anyway, I managed to do the whole thing with little difficulty, found the offending hole, stuck on my patch and was soon ready to go.
I dont know what is wrong with me but despite newly mended wheels, lubed chain etc, I just cant seem to get the damned bike to MOVE!  I think maybe im just not "bike fit" and my muscles are tired?  I suppose I have only been doing the regular biking this last week or so, maybe im being impatient??  Maybe Im expecting too much too soon??  Surely not.....that dont sound like me at all! lol!

The late start and my jelly legs meant I didnt make it as far as high cross as I didnt want to be negotiating the A5 in the dark......so a bit demoralised after the ride and have to admit getting a bit of a panic on as its nearly FEB!!  That means not much more than two months to get this show on the road.....................ARRRRRGGGGGGHHHHHHHH!!!! :oS

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