Well......any excuse to post a pic of the delectable Clint lol!

So a little update over the last week before I go out on my bike....

The CO-OP sent me an apology for refusing my poster and said I can put my poster in any of their stores!  So HURRAH to that :o)
Had some good training sessions this week and managed to knock a couple of minutes off my ride to work on Thursday so thats encouraging!  I also had my Gym Programme devised for me at the PINGLES LESIURE CENTRE.  I told them what I was training for and also the issue of my legs lacking the strength to to keep me in the higher heart rate zone for cardio fitness so he suggested one punishing leg session per week to really work on leg endurance.  This consisted of Static squat to failure, squats, 3 sets of 15 reps with only 15-20 secs break in between each set, one legged squats, lunges, Leg Extensions on machine, Leg Curls on machine, Dead Lifts, calf raises and static claf raise until failure.  All exercises were same sets and reps with very short breaks inbewteen to really work on muscle endurance.  As we wanted to get through the programme I only did 2 x sets this session.  We also did a cardio and upper body work out and 3rd day will be a longer interval cardio training and core training.  WOH!!  Ill be fit to DROP! lol  But I feel good to have a structured programme to work to :o)
I also had a bit of retail therapy at GO OUTDOORS in COventry and bought some new cycling tights and a jacket  lol!

THE BAD (ggrrrrrrr)
So excited as this was the week my bike arrived...............only to be told it isnt here yet! WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! Apparantly its still in transit and could be up to another 11 days.  I feel very frustrated over this as I can fair feel time slipping away and I really want to get comfortable with the bike that Ill be practically glued to for 13days!  I wont be a very happy bunny if its not here by the end of this month.  Dont make me Angry!  You wont like me when Im ANGRY!!!  So still gonna be pedalling on the old mountain bike for a bit longer yet.....

ME! Trying to get down stairs after the leg session yesterday!  OWWWW! And it wasnt even the full programme ARGGGHHH!  All I can say is Im gonna have legs like....well.....errrr....A MACHINE!!  Well either that or they will look like a pair of chicken legs hahahaha!!!

So training stats for the week look something like this!

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