Well this morning I took some posters with me to put up at the Gym and when I nipped into the CO-OP shop on St Nicholas Estate I saw they had a notice board, so I asked if I could display a poster on there.  You know, thinking how they go on about being "FOR" the community, Fair trade, blah blah.....
And I was STUNNED to be told I couldnt put my poster up as they didnt "DO" that sort of thing....you know?  I replied, Well NO actually, I DONT KNOW!  So far Ive had nothing but support from anyone Ive asked to display posters etc and as they HAD a notice board I just cant believe they wouldnt help!
Well STUFF 'EM I say, they get no more of MY MONEY!  BOOOOOOO to the CO-OP!


Now redeemed themselves with an apology and an invite to put my poster in any of their stores.....HURRAH! :o)


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