That is the question??
It seems CLIP IN is the answer!
So I have bought the pedals....and the shoes and tonight the VILLAGE CYCLE CENTRE has helped me set them up as I am clueless!
So I have had a practice clipping "IN" and clipping "OUT" on the very weakest of settings........the bike experts advice was....practice lol!  It seems I am not yet ready for movement!  So I shall be sitting on my bike a while longer until I can clip in without looking and clip out at the correct point in the pedal cycle without having to think about......well at least too much anyway!  Then a run round the park might be in order where I cant cause to much damage.......remembering not to get to close to the river lol!!  and children......Oh and the elderly.......and dogs......In fact a busy A Road might be safer! hahahaha!  I will keep you all posted.....please send grapes!

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