Today I visited...... - Vickys Jolly JoGLE
My local bike shop!  And was very impressed indeed.  Really genuine, helpful and knowledgeable guys not out to sell me the most expensive gear in the shop.  They have recommended a Claud Butler "Regent" touring bike which is a mid-range bike more than capable of doing what I want and well within my budget leaving me room for adding puncture-less tyres, good set of panniers etc.  They also said they would kit me out with spares FOC and what I dont use I can return and also do a discount on my gear as its a charity ride......without me even having to ask!! 
Really pleased about this as I prefer to go to a proper bike shop and get knowledegeable advice rather than buy on the internet....cheaper yes, more cost effective?  I doubt it ;o)
So a big PLUG for my local bike shop THE VILLAGE CYCLE CENTRE in Attleborough, Nuneaton.  Little do they know but they havent seen the last of me, by a far cry hahahahaha!!!

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