well after good intentions for Tuesday I ended up doing NOTHING!  Well, I did weigh and pack up some stuff I had sold the funds from which will go towards the ride so not a complete wasted day.  But peeved at myself nonetheless.  I have GOT to get in the habit of getting up and away in the mornings like I used to when I had the horse.  I have Got LAZY!!! Grrrrrr!
So wednesday I got my sorry ass out of bed and went the Gym.  Half an hour on the bike and half an hour doing weights, cant give you stats cos I am a seive head and have forgot allready!  Weds night I worked out a bit of a programme as I am just much better with a "plan"
This morning was more like it and I was up and out and did a 3 mile run, with the good old garmin so guess what??  I have STATS!!! hahaha!
And I also figured how to embed stats lol!!  Hohohoh, no stopping me now!
was pleased with 3 mile in 27.35 mins and my last mile was under 9 mins a mile!  BOING!

This evening I went straight t the gym from work and did 45 mins on the bike in "hill training mode" which was hard work!  My average Heart Rate was 145 and I burned 349 calories.  I then did a session on the weights.
Tomorrow its gym first thing in the morning.

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