ARRGGHH!! Getting behind with the blogging!!
Just a quick update on last weeks training.............
Monday was a rest day after the Peak District!

Tuesday I tried out a SPINNING CLASS!  It was really good actually not hindered by the "buff" insturctor in a very tight T Shirt...........good job I didnt have my heart monitor on hahahaha!

Wednesday I did a 6 mile run along the canal and around Weddington.  Felt really good and really fit!  But towards the end I could feel my ankle complaining :o(   GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!  I LOVE RUNNING!!!
On Thursday I cycled to work and after I cycled to my sisters for tea! and then back home.  I felt BRILLIANT on the bike...........the hills in the Peak district have definitely strengthened my legs without a doubt!  I need to keep on with the BIG hills up to the JoGLE, as much as it kills me off, it DOES make all the difference.
Friday I cycled to work and back again, and felt just as good as yesterday.  The hills were a damn sight easier than Peak District hills lol!!  I laughed in the face of the hills today!! hahahahaha!!

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