On Monday I went to the Gym and did a "LEG BLITZ"  I can tell my legs are getting stronger as I upped all the weights considerably on every exercise so that is promising :o)

On Tuesday I cycled to and from work, doing a little detour to find a hill someone told me about in Maxstoke..... (Me...Hill Obsessed?? lol!)  but as I was meeting my daughter I ran out of time and had to pedal like the clappers to meet her and then I sauntered home behind her and got very chilly at her sedate pace lol!  Although in all fairness the pace wasnt that bad considering she rarely cycles and she was on my MTB!
Wednesday I went for a run!  It was supposed to be a short run, but somehow it just developed lol!  Naughty really as my ankle is still grumbling.......but when Im running I FEEL BLOODY FANTASTIC!!!  Oh well, I think when this JoGLE is done Im going to visit a Physio and see if I can sort out this niggle.
Today I cycled to and from work again.........It was WINDY this morning and I had to work hard uphill and even had to pedal down hill!!  Not liking that much lol!  The ride back was better, probably due to lighter panniers and a little less wind!  I have felt tired all this week though............I think the lost hour has really buggered me up this week.  Lets hope I feel a bit more on form next week :o)

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