We had the BEST news on Thursday evening!!  Neil (Harrys Dad) completed all his Radiotherapy and Chemotherapy treatment just before christmas and last week he went for a whole catalogue of tests to see how the treatment had worked.  We were all very nervous as it was a very aggressive cancer and the treatment was the  strongest he could be given.  BUT!!  The stubborn old goat had managed to come through 7 weeks of intensive radio and chemo therapy and IT WORKED!!!
OMG!!!  BOUNCE BOUNCE BOING BOING!!!  All the cancer marker tests couldnt detect anything so as far as anyone can say, he IS CLEAR!  Im so thrilled for Neil and for Harry.  Its been a tough year and it bought home that Cancer doesnt just affect the patient but ripples out throughout family and close friends.  MACMILLAN CANCER SUPPORT is a HUGE Lifeline for ANYONE affected by cancer - not JUST the patient.  So please help me to raise as much money as I can because Im more determined than ever to make this JoGLE as succesful as possible.  As always the quickest and easist way is through JUST GIVING ...........

24/2/2011 02:20:30 pm

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