Its all about me!! ;o)

Hmmmmm, suddenly I'm stuck for words!!

Lets see, Im a 38 yr old mum of two (Amy and Harry).......... adventurous, highly energised, hilarious and bit of a Live wire,  some would say I can be a tad feisty and headstrong lol!  I always like to have a bit of a challenge going on and often combine this fundraising for Macmillan Cancer Support  who I believe in wholeheartedly.

Macmillan is very close to my heart as I have had some very special people affected by cancer and sadly not all made it.  During my time spent fundraising for Macmillan and also from people affected by cancer I have never heard anything but the highest regard for the organisation and everything they stand for.  I have helped a good friend fundraise for the Inca Trail Macmillan Challenge, organise an annual Charity Horse ride and have done several runs for Macmillan including a half and full marathon.

We had some tragic news this year that my sons father was diagnosed with a cancer tumour in his neck.  He has had an operation to remove the tumour and is now undergoing radio and chemotherapy.  We have now experienced first hand the devastating effect Cancer has on an individual and also their family and friends.  We have also experienced first hand the amazing work that MACMILLAN do from the practical nursing right through to phone support and internet forum.  It is a phenomenal rescource and one that I feel very strongly about and therefore why I am proud to raise as much money as I can for this Charity.

So this is my motivation to organise and complete such a major (well to me anyway!) challenge and I do hope that I can generate as much publicity and support as possible so I can raise as much awareness and funding for MACMILLAN as I possibly can. 

This bike ride is in honour of everyone currently fighting this disease but in particular for Harrys Dad.  I have a choice in doing this challenge, I can give up at any point should I decide its too much.......people with Cancer do not have that luxury.  When it gets tough they have no option but to carry on, with the treatment, with overcoming the fear, with the general humdrum of day to day life.  I am in awe of these people, this challange will without a doubt  be testing, but it is NOTHING compared to what these people do everyday.  This is my way of acknowleding their bravery and for appreciating organisations like MACMILLAN who make a real difference.  Please help me to make a difference and donate to my Jolly Jogle JUST GIVING PAGE  and lets raise as much money as we can for MACMILLAN.

**UPDATE**  Neil (Harry's Dad) was given the all clear after his intensive treatment so we are all thrilled :o)