This is the quickest and easiest way to help raise cash for MACMILLAN CANCER SUPPORT, just click on the Just Giving Button above and it will take you straight to my page where you can easily make a secure donation.  Two things to remember.......
1. ALL DONATIONS GO TO MACMILLAN........I will be funding the costs of the trip.
2. EVERY LITTLE HELPS!!!  Please dont think there is no point donating because YOU dont think its worth it.  Believe me, if 100 people felt like that, then that is a potential ONE HUNDRED POUNDS lost that Macmillan could most definately benefit from :o) 


There are many ways people can help............ (not an exhaustive list!!  Use your imagination lol!)

EQUIPMENT      Accomodation en route     CLOTHING     LIVERY    Bike Accesories  


Please pass this website link onto as many people as you know!  The more people that know about it, the more support the challenge will potentially get.  Soon I will have a FaceBook Page and links to posters to print out and put in your workplace, local shop (or pub!!) or anywhere you can think of!  It doesnt take much to make a difference, just a little effort....... Im happy (!!??!!) to put in a LOT of effort to raise money and awareness for Macmillan Cancer Support, I will appreciate all assistance along the way :o) 


Last but most certainley not least..............
Any help, advice, support that you can give whether it be inspirational stories, route advice, bike/equipment help etc etc, would be gratefully recieved.  Please feel free to CONTACT ME or comment on my BLOG-LE (hehehe!!)

Display a POSTER!!