A ridiculous ride...... - Vickys Jolly JoGLE
Cycled to work and back yesterday....nothing new in that you say!  Well no not really but I did wear all my new kit lol!  And I have to say I was very Impressed with it all actually!  Did not sweat up in the waterproofs so that is a BIG bonus!  and the arm / leg warmers stayed put and did not sag and wrinkle down my legs in Nora Batty styleee! lol!  So all good there!
Not so good is Im riding at a high level of anxiety with these sodding clips now :o(  And when I came across road works and cueing traffic on both ways of my journey I nearly had palpitations!  So I actually gave myself a stern talking too........ It DOESNT MATTER if I have to get OFF my bike and walk a little bit until Im out of the cue.  It DOESNT MATTER if when I unclip I cant automatically get clipped in again and just have to take it steady for a few minutes until I get organised!   It seems when Im on the bike if im not spinning away constantly I get really annoyed lol!  Still Im sure a few days of 60 -70milers will soon kick that out  of me hahaha!

So after the "talking too" I settled down and shot off round Corley for a different way home....at this point I decided I really needed the loo!  So I saw (what I thought) was a quiet abandoned field and cycled in.  In the said field was actually a pen of chickens and other sorts of crap strewn about......I was waiting for some vagrant to pop up and tell me off for trespassing!!  After a good look around I decided it was "safe" and got in position (lol!)  Just at the point of no return a car decided to come along the driveway of the field, coupled with a walker coming down from the opposite direction! ARRRRGGGHHHH!!  Still in the words of Magnus Magnussen - Ive started so Ill finish  ***rolls eyes***.  And when I had finished I was so desperate to get everything back in order that I got my Stealth trousers pulled UP but the shorts underneath were still DOWN!!  ARRGHH!! I was in all sorts of trouble!  Finally got organised and hopped on the bike double quick and was outa there!
Got back home without any further hindrance but it was not the most relaxing ride I have to say!

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