Cycle to work reccie...... - Vickys Jolly JoGLE
Part of my programme that ive devised involves cycling to and from work as I really need to get the miles in on my bike and weekends just isnt enough and the gym bike just doesnt really replace the real thing......
So I went for a reccie today on my bike to check out the best route and long it would take me.  I went through Bedworth and then Ash green and heading towards Kersley and came in the back end to Prologis Park.  It was not a bad route, with varied elvations which would be good for my training.  Riding through prologis park was nicer than the normal roads though as they are newer and much smoother!  Plus they have cycle lanes and keep you away from the traffic!  So on the way back I rode through Prologis park and then into Ash green a bit further along.  I also went down St Giles road which was a FAB downhill, but on the way to work will be a tough uphill!  But I cannot shy away from hills as there will plenty of the buggers in Scotland and Devon so doing this hill several times a week will be good at fittening me up.  On the way back I had plenty of time so I took a detour and went through the lanes and back to Nuneaton throguh Bulkington.  I ran this route quite often and I felt quite melancholic that Ive not been able to do the distance running for so many months.  And as I have a bit of a twinge on my ankle Im not risking injury until im properly fit again as when I get tired I think my inner heel knocks my ankle :o(

On a lighter note, I really need to get some proper cycling clothing!  esp the padded shorts / trousers!  Today I was wearing knee high compression socks, ankle support, Harry's Batman Boxer shorts and a pair of thick opaque tights under my trousers lol!  I was praying I didnt fall off my bike as the Ambulance men would have died laughing before they could treat me!!
My new bike doesnt arrive until second week of Feb so that means two weeks lost of riding to work.......maybe I gotta get myself a rucksack and then I can cycle on my mountain bike in the interim..........trouble is the "stuff" I need for work like change of clothes, make-up, hair stuff etc might be a bit excessive for a rucksack!  Hurry up Regent and Panniers!

Anyway, back to serious guessed it........STATS!!!! hahahahaha!

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