ARGGHHHH GRRRRRRRRR!!!  Cocked up the garmin today and Im distraught lol!!  It asked me if I was "indoors" at that time I was so I said yes!  Half way through my run I noticed it wasnt giving me miles per hr and then I realised all that was happening was the timer!!  I was well annoyed, particularly as I was going well today!  I should have said No I wasnt indoors and it would have picked the sattelite back up when I went outside.....ah well, wont be doing THAT again!
Did 40 mins on the gym equipment doing an overal body work out and did a slow jog home to cool down.

At least I got the timer so I ended up plotting the route on "Map my Run" like the old days and it worked out at approx 3.4 miles, which in all honesty sounds about right and it is quite an accurate tool as when I have ran my routes with the Garmin it has come back pretty much the distance that Map My Run said, so it gives me SOME data lol!
I was pleased cos my average pace was under 9 mins per mile!! WOOOOHOOOOOOO!!  On the down side it is giving my ankle some jip, so I sit here typing with an ice pack on it.....which after being in my freezer, stinks of fish!!  Not attractive lol!
So Im a bit BOOOOOHOOOOO about the ankle as I was really enjoying the running and just getting back to some good fitness levels again.  Im gonna give the running a bit of a rest next week and concentrate on the cycling..........  Talking of which Ive bought a rucksack so cycling to work can begin in earnest!!  BOING!!! 
So..........STATS!! lol!

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