Day Two......Around the Peaks.... - Vickys Jolly JoGLE
Fuelled by a big brekkie and after studying my map I was set to do a circular tour around the peak going up towards Hope Valley and then back to Bakewell.

Bakewell is in a dip so you are faced with a hill whichever way you go!  Started off well but then the road went through Chatsworth Estate and I ended up getting a bit off course here!  After looking at the map I managed to get myself back en route only to get myself off route again by going into Brampton where I shouldn’t have been!  Somehow managed to get back on track again…although more by luck than judgement I think and started to head up towards Hope Valley.  And then it happened…………. I hit the hill of all hills coming out of Millthorpe towards owler Bar and each time I thought that it was levelling out, I went round the corner or over a false brow only to find the bloody thing was STILL going at an increased incline!  I finally ran out of steam and had to walk up the rest of it! Gggggggggrrrrrrrrrr!

When I got to the top I was met with another hill!!  I had a bit of a pitstop and refuelled before I attempted this one lol!  But this was a kinder hill and although a long climb it was at a more progressive incline and one I could cope with.

I then came to Heathersage which was just breathtaking.  The sunshine lighting up the park coupled with the physical activity and the general wildness of the place just filled me with such a sense of Joy I can truly say I haven’t felt that happy and carefree for a while.  It was wonderful!  And then…………..we had the descents!!  ARRRRGGGHHHHH!! Oh my GOD!!  It was exhilarating and terrifying at the same time! And also blimmin chilly…..and a bit annoying after working so hard to get up there to get back down in about 10 minutes…….and then have to go UP AGAIN!!! Lol!

I had had some silly notion in my head about climbing “Winnats Pass” before I came to the Peaks……….that was until I experienced and was beatedn by “normal” Peak hills!!  ARGH!!  So I intended to go from Hope to Edale and the loop back to Bakewell.  But Yet again I went to far and ended up in Castleton!  And the road I thought that went to Edale was in fact a dead end as it was the “broken Road” that had collapsed.  I asked a chap in a camper van how I should get to Edale and his reply was turn round back to Hope, or up Winnats Pass!! OMG!! I felt sick at the thought!!  And I think he saw it on my face and bundled me and my bike in the back of his camper and DROVE me up Winnats Pass!  And thank god he did as it was freakin AWESOME!! And the camper struggled with it never mind me and my bike!  I saw ONE SINGULAR Hero plugging away on his bike up that hill………..I bow down in awe!  One day…….maybe!  And probably not with panniers on hahahhaa!

So I got dropped off at the top of the hill and I picked up my route again back to Bakewell.  On the second half of the loop, the landscape changed form the dramatic moorland to rolling fields and drystone walls.  Just as breathtaking though………..and Just as HILLY!! Lol!

I had another big climb coming out of Wormhill to Blackwell Which just seemed to go on forever and I thought again I was beaten………..but I just kept plugging away and finally I reached the top!  YAY!! I was so bloody pleased as my legs were burning but as I turned towards Taddington I was met by yet another sharp hill that just killed me and again I had to walk a short way.  Annoying as this hill I would have probably managed as a stand alone but to come so quickly after the last thigh burner it was just to much lol!

I was getting tired now and was glad to signs back to Bakewell but did again end up doing a bit of A road riding and not coming back quite the route Id planned!

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