Gadget Geek......... - Vickys Jolly JoGLE
Well the weather hasnt been condusive to much training, ive done two runs since ive been back from Thailand but with Xmas and snow I havent done much and I feel outa shape already!! Or maybe that is the Turkey dinner lol!
So I thought Id do something constructive and have a look for training aids or otherwise known as gadgets lol!  I want to be able to use a phone, update my blog (internet), find my way (GPS!!), take pwetty piccies to convince myself im having fun lol and to collect data, to show how fun it wasnt lol!
I wondered about the iphone for internet / phoning / GPS etc but after a good chat with my newly appointed Gadget Geek (lol) I have the hots for a Garmin 310xt.
I started a help thread on Runners world and got some great advice :
I think it will be a good bit of kit for both my running and cycling and my woeful geographical skills lol!  So I am now off toinvestigate the best place to buy........

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