well reading the instructions I figured out how to change the exercise activity from running to cycling....WOOP!!
So yesterday decided to set out on a long bike ride armed with my Garmin for "stats" lol!  Well I was armed with the Garmin, then after a while I got fed up of trying to read the damn thing on my wrist and came up with the excellent idea of strapping it to by handlebars, which was OK but wasnt quite secure so this was quickly fixed by shoving a snotty tissue behind the watch and hey presto Bike mounted Garmin!  Although I could fair feel the horror eminating from said sophisticated sports gadget....I promise Ill buy you a "proper" bike mount soooon!!
Well the ride went well, I navigated pretty damn well if I do say so myself but what I didnt do was estimate my timing very well at all.  In fact I was still miles away from home at 5pm and had to call on my daughter and her boyfriend to come and rescue me as I didnt fancy cycling country lanes in the dark! 
So stats!
26.53 miles
2:58:08 hours
1172 calories
full stats here: SUNDAY 10th JAN

Cycle mount needed for Garmin
Drinks holder needed for bike
I am NOT Lance Armstrong.....more time needed to be allowed for ride!

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