Macmillan is 100 years old this year! And looks pretty damn good I have to say!  A few little landmarks.......

1911 spurred on by the death of his father, Douglas starts the Society for the Prevention and Relief of Cancer

1975 we fund our first nurse

1986 we fund our first Doctor

1991 we launch the Macmillan Nurse Appeal to raise £20 million

1993 The 1000th nurse is appointed; a paediatric cancer specialist in Leicester

1997 our information telephone line opens

2000 we fund our 2000th nurse

2006 we change our name to Macmillan Cancer Support

2008 we merge with Cancerbackup

2011 we are 100 years old!

For the Centenary year Macmillan have created a website called THE BIGGEST THANKYOU where people affected by cancer have the opportunity to thank their supporters.  If you are under any doubt just how many people are affected by cancer then go and have a look at this website.  Sometimes I feel so Helpless.............What can I DO?  How can I make any difference?  But in the words of MACMILLAN.....

Remember, it doesn't matter how much you raise.

Small amounts x lots of people = MANY lives changed.

So dont be put off if you feel your donation just isnt worth it...............every penny IS WORTH IT!!  If everyone who reads this decided to donate just £1.00 it could add up to hundreds of pounds! Now how amazing would that be?? 
So......BE THE DIFFERENCE..............BE MACMILLAN :o)

Please donate whatever you can at my  JUST GIVING

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