After much nagging by my lovely friends I relented on the "obsessed" training programme and decided to kick back with a girls night out!  I had planned to give it a miss as I wanted to do a full days biking, but on reflection my whole life is so full of JoGLE right now I thought in retrospect it might do me good to have a break!  Plus I miss my girlies lol!
So despite a later night (or should I say early morning!) than planned, more vodka than planned and aching feet from too much dancing................I jumped on Claud and did a 45 miler today!

I did a route through North Warwickshire and Leicestershire and it had quite a few cheeky hills in it....one in particular coming into Orton on the Hill from Austrey direction, bloody hell it was steep!  I did make a long descent through Baddesley Ensor down Boot Hill, now that is a hill I have to go UP!  Quite a long climb at varying degrees of steepness along the way so a very good training hill and not too far away either.  I didnt go out to break any records today with either time or mileage but I really really enjoyed today.  Had Claud tweaked yesterday and he feels just bloody perfect!!  Just adjusted the height and angle of the handlebars and seat and it has made all the difference and riding today was a joy :o)
There are some beautiful villages around this are, one in particular was Newton Regis where the sunshine deigned to come out and lit the village green up a treat and at LAST it felt like SPRING!!  BOING BOING!!!
The sun stayed out for the rest of the ride and doesnt everywhere just look so much nicer with a bit of sunshine :o)  I hope the leaves will soon come out on the hedgerows as trying to find a suitable wee spot is proving a challenge with the threadbare hedges right now lol!  I think my friend Laura would say TMI!! (too much information!)

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