Pretty much sums up yesterdays ride!  Id set my mind for Big Miles at the weekend and I was thrilled to wake up to SUNSHINE!!  WOOP!  but by the time I had scoffed my scrambled eggs on Toast and got organised the sun had been replaced by the bloody rain GAH!  Still, undettered I whipped on my waterproof trousers and set off nevertheless!  And soon the rain eased off and after my first wee stop, on which poor Claud was dragged through a hedge and mud to preserve my dignity, I decided it was clearing up and Id take my waterproofs off!  Which went well, for all of about 25 mins when it started raining again, quite heavily and didnt stop for the rest of the ride :o(
Well just shy of 55 miles is my longest ride yet and Ive learned a few lesson!  Preparation, preparation!  I didnt take enough food with me and only had one cereal bar and a bottle of sports drink and about 15 miles before the end I was seriously running out of steam and felt dreadful!  There were no shops open around the lanes route I took and I was too bedraggled to go into a pub lol!
Also I need to be better with my route planning - although I did the mileage I wanted and I didnt exactly get lost.....I didnt do the planned route either as you can see by the odd little loop on my route map lol!  Gotta get to grips with fuelling up and navigation and QUICK!

On the positive side apart from the running on empty section I felt pretty good and although it wasnt a mega hilly route I have proved I can ride in "weather"
There are some beautiful villages around Leicestershire...........even in the rain lol!
Some nice wildlife too!  Over the weekend Ive seen.....
2 x pheasants......deceased
1 x Heron.......Plastic
1 x Green Woodpecker ..... ALIVE!!
1 x Stoat....doing a quick sprint over the road lol
1 x Buzzard - disturbed by me dragging Claud through the undergrowth!  Not sure who was more suprised lol!

By the end of the ride though I was soaked to the skin and couldnt wait to get in a nice hot bath....which is EXACTLY what I did!
1/3/2011 06:01:15 am


Funny post, particularly liked the wildlife section! We're doing LEJOG at Easter, which is great as it means using less holidays, but is also a little bit awful as it means training through the worst weather.

Good luck to you anyway.


5/3/2011 04:03:44 am

Thanks Gareth - checked out your website....good luck to you guys too! :o)

7/3/2011 02:40:07 pm

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