This weekend Im orf to the PEAK DISTRICT!!  Where I will have 3 days of practice for the JoGLE by cycling from home to Bakewell on Friday, around the Peaks on Saturday and then back again on Sunday!
It will be a good test of my kit, my navigation, my stamina and my HILL climbing ability!  
So Im a little bit nervous and a LOT excited!!  Im worried that if I struggle how Ill cope with 13 days of it!  Im also nervous of them hills........but I do hope by doing this it will give me confidence rather than knock it!
Im taking my camera so be prepared for lots of piccies when I get back!! :o)

18/3/2011 02:13:17

take your time,dont push yourself too much,enjoy the countryside,and dont be down hearted if your kn*****d monday.by friday you'll be back to fighting fit

24/3/2011 08:14:28

Hi Vicki.
I think you should be fine. I had my first 100+ mile ride on Friday last week and it went well plenty of peaks in the mix as well. Keep up the good work and enjoy it remember its not a race and you'll enjoy it more.



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