My first ride........... - Vickys Jolly JoGLE
On Claud!!  and it was gooooood!!  Did just shy of 40 miles today with an average speed of 13.3 miles per hour so the bike is definately faster than the mountain bike!  Went up the Tilcon Hill as it is my nemesis and cant say I felt it was any easier lol!  But I did get up without stopping so its better than nothing!  But then again (as pointed out by Jim!)  I had done a good 20 miles by the time I did the hill rather than being fresh to it like last time!

Im gonna have a faff with my handlebars......My wrists ache a bit and I think they could do with being a tad higher.......  Ill check it out tomorrow :o)

Another days riding to come tommorow!  WOOOP!

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