I have bought more STUFF for my ride and it has arrived WOOOP!!
I have bought some waterproof trousers - the Endura STEALTH LITE no less and I have to say for waterproofs they are pretty damn HOT!  lol!
I have a new waterproof and windproof VERY high viz Endura LUMINITE JACKET
And to finish off I got some Endura thermolite ARM and LEG warmers!  
Oh yes, not to leave Claud out, I got a "proper" Garmin Bike mount so I guess said Bike and Garmin can breath a sigh of relief from the embarassment of being strapped on with Kitchen Roll hahaha!
So I pretty much have everything I need for my ride now and will be testing all the kit during my Mini Tour around the Peak District this weekend :o0
23/3/2011 12:13:44 pm

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27/3/2011 05:30:11 pm

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