After Mondays leg Session I cycled to work on Claud and my new Panniers!  The panniers are brilliant and are incredibly easy to use so Im really pleased with them :o)
The ride was a struggle I have to admit but then I had no breakfast or energy drink pre-ride.  I dont normally have breakfast before my ride to work but I do generally have an energy drink about an hour before I go.  Whether it was that or the longer rides at the weekend I dont know but I just didnt feel like I was sailing along and everything was an likey :o(
I made sure I had more to eat during the day and an energy drink before I rode back home and I did feel MUCH better....although it is an easier run going home!  But then nothing felt easy in the morning lol!

Wednesday I felt so tired I had a day off!  I felt a bit guilty for not sticking to the programme but then I know all too well from my Marathon training keep pushing isnt helpful and can lead to injury!  I was also really hungry and actually was quite a PIG!  Second bout of guilt!!

Today I did the arms session at the gym  Started off with 20 mins on the treadmill and did slightly over 2 miles............running fitness has declined :o(  It is soooo annoying how quickly fitness is lost if you are not doing the discipline regular.  Or maybe cycling isnt as hard work?  Anyway, at least ankle and knee felt pretty good so I think Im going to incorporate running again into the programme esp when I am short on time!

On the not so good side it seems Ive developed a heat rash at the top of my thighs!  Itches like mad and doesnt look very attractive either!  So taking Piriton and applying "Lanacane" which is supposed to help stop the itching.....but I had read an antifungal cream might have been better................thoughts???

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